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In an attempt to go after obesity studies pointing the finger at surgery drinks, Coca-Cola funded a study that shifted the focus to exercising. The study suggests: "To maintain a healthy weight, get more exercise and worry less about cutting calories.”
Essentially they want you to promote that a healthy life isn’t effected by calorific sodas.
So essentially Coke is saying: “Oh come on! It’s ok to drink coke, you can just burn the calories during exercise!"
While exercise is important to maintaining health, it’s not the only thing. "People don't really understand what it means to say a typical soda has 250 calories," study leader Sara Bleich, an associate professor in the department of health policy and management at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.
To burn that amount of calories? 30 minutes running at 8mph.
And I’m pretty sure sugary drinks are not going to help the problem of obesity in America.
Most of us adults are educated enough to know that exercise is important but so is maintaining a healthy diet.
But. The part that gets me with this campaign is the fact that they are targeting one group in particular: Kids. This is a BIG advertising flaw, as children tend to go along with what adults tell them.
Coca-Cola is not only looking silly, but they are also leading children astray. Can we go back to the happy ads with the polar bears please?