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Hello Anime Community! ^_^

I'm so happy to see more of you making amazing cards in the Anime Community and I want to share some of the resources I use to find good images, gifs, as well as sites I use to edit images and make my own gifs. I also want to know of any resources you guys use that would help us all make our cards even more awesome!


You can just use the image link to add the picture to your card (No download needed)
1. http://www.zerochan.net/ (Be sure to click the image until it's the largest size then link it)
2. http://www.minitokyo.net/ (Be sure to click the image until it's the largest size then link it)
3. https://images.google.com/ (Be sure to click on Search Tools and set Size to Large)


Again, you can just use the gif link to add the gif to your card. (No download needed)
2. https://images.google.com/ (Just add "gif" at the end of your search)
3. https://www.tumblr.com/ (I always set the Search Settings to Popular to find the best gifs)

Make Your Own Gif:

Can't find the exact gif you are looking for? Make your own gif, just the way you want. (Like this Ouran gif that I made here.)
http://www.gifgrabber.com/ (I have a Mac so I use this one. Very simple and easy to use).
I haven't found a reliable one for Windows yet, but if you have, let me know in the comments.

Image Editing:

I use these 2 websites to edit photos! For these you would download your final photo then upload it to your Vingle card.

Hope these resources are of help to you in your card-making adventures! ^_^

If you have any other suggestions, let me know in the comments! :D
To all the wonderful anime fans who have been publishing Anime cards and to everyone who is planning to publish cards.
@DanRodriguez @caitlind9898 @SusyHerrera @jannatd93 @biancadanica98 Thank YOU for making great cards and inspiring me to do this. @edwinb94 Maybe you can try some of these :) @shannonl5 I think long cards totally fine, even necessary, when there's a LOT to tell :D
@shannonl5 I think ALL cards are potential good cards. :) Personally, what I consider "good" is a card with a clear (and even creative) title + good explanations about the topic of the card. Just so everyone knows what the card is about and can find it by title. But in general, I like using visuals with high resolutions and having the freedom to create my own gifs and images etc. which is why I made this card so others who wish to do so can find the resources ^_^
Awesome! Thank you! ^_^
@poojas you're the BEST.
@poojas, I see. Thank you for answering my questions. I'll make a note of this. :)
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