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We always looking for the perfect foundation!!! But honestly you know your skin is oily/combination or normal/dry. Well this foundation I'm about to show you will make you wish for it. I got it from
This is a full coverage foundation. You may not want this as your everyday foundation due to the coverage as it may be best for special occasion, dressy, night time, soft lighting, etc. Although, if applied correctly and on the right skin with the correct color I see no reason to not use it as an everyday foundation if this is your choice/want/need. I suppose one can cut the coverage by using a brush, sponge or mixing in a bit of moisturizer, but that defeats the purpose of this. I say one should use the sponge for best application and to retain coverage. The less amount of the product you use, the less and more natural looking the coverage. You control it. A little goes a long way so one tube should last quite long. The color range is Y=yellow based, P=pink based, N=neutral (P+Y). They have 19 tones. I would also tell you N tends to be less pink and more yellow/gold based than one would expect, especially the darker shades. I know this may be a pain, but I chose to buy N3 and P3 (anything level 3 is Medium in shade range) and use 2 parts N, one part P or equal parts, depending. Now, I certainly could of gotten by with a straight N3. I just chose to add P3 to get a perfect, dead on match. I liked this product enough to do so which is saying something in itself.
Secret Agent- Beauticontrol foundation has the perfect full coverage and after you apply this beauty, your sking will feel smooth and matte. Forget about the greasy and shiny face!!! Secret Agent foundation is here to help u ^_^
I also reccomend you keep this away from the under and outer eye area as it will accent crows feet, etc. I never use anything in the outer, under eye. Concealer is kept in the inner to middle of undereye area. There is usually not any darkness in the outer eye. I don't even let powder near the outer eye and if anything I will use an emolient cream with some sheen over the outer eye area once my makeup is complete as a last step. It floats away any concealer/powder that may have landed there and gives a nice youthful look. There is 3 types of concealers Beauticontrol has #1 for all types of skin #2 for Anti-agin #3 extreme repair in bar shape.
You should also use primers fiest than anything. Primers are very important and Beauticontrol has 4 different primers that will help you out
This foundation is also available for Anti-aging trestment. Also 19 tones.
And you dont want to forget about the powder foundation Wet/dry from Beauticontrol is a masterpiece. ^_^ $24