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Latin America is made up of several countries, including Nicaragua, Peru, Cuba, Brazil, and Mexico. The faces of Latin America vary significantly. Unfortunately, the media often portrays just one face for the Latino community, which could be part of the reason as to why there’s a very skewed view of how Latin Americans might look like. This can also influence as to how Latin Americans view each other, especially regarding issues on colorism.
Just like any group of people -- we are all different, each person has their own identity. This is the same for Latin America. In regards to race, we come in different colors. We can have blue eyes and blond hair. We can also be dark-skinned with coarse hair. Our phenotypical traits are influenced by the region indigenous people of Latin American, the European colonization of Latin America, and the African slave trading. Because of this, there is a mix of races that inhabit Latin America.
Not only are our racial features influenced by the the varied groups of people who came or already inhabited Latin America, but so is our culture. Everything from our food, music, and art, has been influenced by the netting of different cultures.
Growing up, I struggled with culturally and racially identifying myself. I was struggling with my identity because I thought that I couldn't be both black and Latino. Later, I learned that was not true. I totally can be! I can embrace my culture and background wholly and shamelessly.

Remember, Latin America emcompasses many races and cultures. "Latino" is not a race. The term refers to people of a Latin American origin.

a thumbs up for embracing both. We should never be ashamed of who we are, especially when it comes to cultures. :) love the card.
yay for embracing both cultures!!! I agree with @jeff4122, great card!
@alywoah you know, Houston where I grew up and Laredo where I'm at now is only like 350 miles apart and when I got here I learned that they call automobiles muebles...I only knew muebles as furniture lol it's crazy some of the differences :D
this is awesome !!! i love informative cards !! thanks for sharing :)
Thanks!!!! @rodiziketan
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