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The September issue of a fashion magazine is its most coveted, longest, all-important, and expensive issue. The question of who lands the covers of September issues is on everyone's minds in the months leading up to their release, and it's an important decision that can win or lose sales and draw readers to buy or reject a magazine in a second. Vogue in particular is known for having spectacular September issues (there was even a documentary made about them!), and made the brilliant but unsurprising decision to give the cover to Beyoncé.

Who else landed covers this year?


Vogue made the choice to stay on top with a woman on top, putting Beyoncé on the most well-respected September issue in the world. Beyoncé is currently featured on as well, with testimonies by top designers from Stella McCartney to Marc Jacobs, proving her worth in pop culture as well as fashion.

Marie Claire

Miley Cyrus looks more mod and high-fashion than she does wild on the Marie Claire September Issue cover, and I can't get enough.

Vanity Fair

No one was surprised to see Taylor Swift make a September issue cover; Vanity Fair selected the star to talk about her global influence and undeniable rise to power.


Elle made the unexpected decision to put Kiera Knightley on their cover, but tell readers that she just turned 30, and so did the beloved magazine, aligning themselves with a fresh but esteemed classic chic.


Glamour picked beloved model Karlie Kloss for their cover, a safe choice to draw mass appeal and still maintain high-fashion standards.


Anne Hathaway looked absolutely classic on the InStyle cover. She's sort of a safe choice to choose, as a longstanding talent who's always starring in something new.


W also opted for a supermodel on the rise. Gigi Hadid has reached "it girl" status this past year, and putting her on the cover was a great move to stay fresh and relevant.

Harper's Bazaar

Despite her lack of new music as of late, Katy Perry managed to make the Harper's Bazaar cover, and looked pretty fashion-forward in the final product.


Kristen Stewart is long past her Twilight days, and seems to be just now coming into her own as an edgy, offbeat star, thus a great choice for Nylon's September issue.