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Thanks @danidee for reminding me that I have a huge crush on Adam Pally (who just happens to be BFFs with your celeb crush Ben Schwartz). You guys may not be familiar with this actor/comedian, but I promise he's totally crush-worthy!!!

He played the best character on one of the best TV shows ever, Happy Endings (RIP).

You might also know him as the fratty, but lovable Peter Prentice on The Mindy Project.

Basically he's a hilarious actor who doesn't get enough credit. But there are a couple of other reasons I'm crushing hard...

He likes Jon Stewart as much as I do.

He's tech savvy - he started his own cool & funny website that everyone should look at

He has hilarious friends and they do hilarious improv together at the UCB Theater.

He's done some awesome stuff with Funny or Die.

Most importantly, he loves what he does....and I love him for it.

@danidee I think it's time we arranged a double date!
YES THIS IS SO WONDERFUL. I've heard of Adam Pally through Ben and UCBTLA stuff, but I've never actually seen any of his work! I want to check out Happy Endings reruns now. AND that site. I feel like comedians seriously own when it comes to social media. They should be the only celebs allowed on Twitter lol.
@danidee Happy Endings is so worth the watch. I hate that it was cancelled.
haha @candacejordan right?! he is so funny, there are so many amazing pics and memes of him, he always makes me laugh!!
This is my dude! I have the hibernation mode photo in my photos.
I love him!!!
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