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FOMO FRIDAYS: [Giveaways, Games, Edits, and Trivia Answers!]


We did it again Vingle Fam...here's what went down this week in the community!
PS! If I miss any really cool posts, or you want a post featured here just message me and I'll be sure to include it^^~

Covering Up Scandals: SM ENTERTAINMENT

Is SM covering up all of their scandals with new idols and fake dating rumors? Discuss it >>here<< !!!
Our Acceptance August is going great - thanks to everyone who has contributed to the REAL KPOP TALK!

Guess The Song: Lyrics Game

@KpopGaby has started a game testing your knowledge of lyrics. The tough part...she's picking from the KOREAN lyrics. Good luck guys!
Test your knowledge >>here<< ~

The Strug: Explaining Your Bias

Ever had trouble answering the question "Why do you like your bias?" Well, @poojas is here to help you out...maybe....
Read it all right >>here<< :D


Soooo Ravi and Leo are releasing teasers and some of us are kind of freaking out...
Come talk to us >>here<< while you can cause we probably aren't going to survive this sub-unit.

Custom Image Edits [Taking Requests!]

@B2STANG88 is taking requests for custom background images! Check some of them out >>here<< and message your ideas!

Artist of the Month: BESTie!!!

@MattK95 is doing an awesome series of Artists of the Month and August is none other than BESTie!
Be sure to learn about them >>here<< and look for updates all month long!


@DancingPartyTme has just started a brand new video series where they look at the evolution of groups, starting with VIXX!
Check out their videos >>here<<, subscribe to their >>YouTube<<, and find out what this >>giveaway<< is all about!


1) B. Beautiful Liar
2) C. Ed and Brian
3) B. Jackson
4) B. Nichkhun
5) A. Super Junior

100% Scores:

Good Try You Still Rock:

Now LIKE this card and comment if you're new here!!!!

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@ErinGregory as a fellow mommy, I know how you feel. No matter how big or small, we will worry over our babies. It's our job. *Hug of Solidarity* I'm sending prayers and happy thoughts of healing for your wee one. Yay for 100% on the trivia! Ha! Hey I've been freaking out about the Beautiful Liar/Vixx business. I guess I should go freak out with that crowd then?