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So this is to @ shannonl5 NSFW fanfic prompt found here. I am doing prompt one. With Suga from BTS and yourself. ***This is a bit of smut oneshot, DON'T READ IF THAT IS NOT YOUR THING!***
"Okay this is the last song guys, so be ready for the boys to get off stage.“ PDnim explained to the crew hovered back stage. You have been a coordinator for about 3 months now. You have to do any thing that comes up basically, from make up to phone calls- you take care of it when asked. After a show like this you go with PDnim and the idols to get them back to the hotel safe and sound. That was your agenda as of right now. You take your job seriously so even the smallest of tasks is important. Reaching into the giant bag you took everywhere, you fumbled around make up, waters, random merch, and finally landed your fingers on some bts tour towels. Pulling out a handful, you moved to stand by the stage let out.
One by one, the boys came down the steps to the backstage, breathing hard and visibly sweating. Holding out the stack of towels, each grabbed one, saying thanks. Suga took the last towel. As he grasped it, his fingers brushed your hand causing you to suck in a breath of air. The unexpected touch caught you off guard. He smirked and said "Thank you." just as the others had. You bowed your head slightly accepting it. Scooping up your bag, you followed behind the boys with PDnim leading them. It was always tough getting out of an event. You covered the back and there were several bodyguards to keep fans back as you got the idols in the car. PDnim got into the passengers seat and you swapped with an intern to drive. Checking the back of the van, you did a head count. V, Jimin, and J-Hope were in the back row. Jungkook and Rapmon in the middle row and Jin and Suga took the seats in front.
The boys all had the post show look on their face. It was a mixture of exhaustion and bliss. There was no doubt that they loved performing but it did drain them. That adrenaline rush has to crash down somewhere. As you looked at each of them, most had their eyes closed and head back, and a couple looking at their phones. Your eyes connected in the mirror with Yoongi's. Startled, you quickly look forward and focus on driving. It was a short trip to the hotel. Same protocol. You waited for the body guards to get in place, and PDnim took the lead with you following in back behind the boys. Fans that were waiting crowded around and start to push you into Suga as he was on the end once more. “Sorry." You apologized trying to force yourself back a little. You heard Yoongi chuckle in front of you, which made you wonder why it was funny.
Once you all got into the lobby, you let out a deep breath. 'Now just get to the hotel room' You thought, happy that the night went as planned- no mishaps or mistakes on your part and the show went smooth. You could picture the big bathtube waiting for you in your room. Having gotten lost in happy thoughts, you let out a contented sigh. Suga turned and stared for a moment, his eyes focused on your lips slightly parted in a small smile. You noticed and quickly put on the polite smile you used for business and he turned back. He seemed so odd today. He kept looking at you and had touched more than before, be it on purpose or not. It gave you strange feeling, and made you a little unsure of the situation. Deciding you might be over thinking it, you pushed it to the side for later and focused on the elevator lights making its way to you. *Ding* It beeped as it reached your floor, and the door slid open. A family that was ahead of you got on and PDnim got on, followed by the boys shuffling in behind him. The elevator was full leaving out Suga and yourself. "We can take the next one." Suga told PDnim. He nodded and looked at you. "Walk him to the door and make sure he gets in the room before you go." PDmin said to you before pushing the floor. "Yes sir!" You called out as the door closed shut, leaving you and Yoongi alone in the hallway. Glancing at Suga, you see him watching you and quickly look at your feet. He laughs again, it's breathy from rapping and yelling. "It's cute that you're so shy." Your gaze shoots to him, eyes wide. 'Did he just say I was cute... am I hearing things...' You think looking down again trying to tell if it really happened. You press on the button up blouse and smooth down your skirt as a nervous habit. "Yoongi-ssi I-" You start but he cuts you off. "It's just us, call me Oppa." He tells you. "Ah... Ye.. Orabeoni I-" You try to say once again but he stops you. "Just call me Oppa, we are the same age, no need to be so formal." Suga says as the *ding* sounds once more.
He steps into the empty elevator and looks back, "Coming in?" He questions with a smirk. You almost feel like you shouldn't but you step in anyway. You have a job to do, get him into his room, door shut. "O...Oppa, this is my job so I have to be careful how I act, I apologize if it makes me timid." You say a little quickly as the doors trap you in. You set you bag on the floor. "I don't mind at all, I like watching your reactions.“ He says looking at you. It made you feel like prey being stared down by a lion. He takes a step closer and you step back and press against the mirrored side of the elevator. You hold your breath as he raises his arm to pin you in. Your mind is racing through it all and going blank at the same time. He slowly moves in, his lips inching closer to yours. The elevator stops and you quickly turn to the side and try not to look so flustered. Yoongi steps behind you like nothing happened but you can feel him there, like you're standing close to a fire to get warm. Which might not be too far off. You are vaguely aware that you stopped on the 7th floor. A man enters and you hear him mumble something about the wrong floor as he hits the 9th floor. The elevator starts again, and you chance looking up at the mirrored door panel and catch eyes with Yoongi. His gaze excites and frightens you. He bends a little closer and you can feel the his hot breath on your neck. Your breath catches again causing him to smile. You reach the 9th floor and the man quickly exits but you are so focused on Suga that you didn't notice anything till he reaches around you to hit the close door button. Your eyes follow his hand as it moves away. You feel him push your shoulder so that you are facing him against the side of the elevator again.
"Breathe." He tells you. You let out a big breath you didn't know you were holding in. "O...Op..Oppa we shouldn't.." You sputter out with your eyes closed. "Really, why?" Leaning in closer, you feel his lips just above yours. You bite your lip, another nervous habit. Hot air hits your face, opening your eyes, to look at Yoongi just an inch away. Soon after, the elevator jerks to a stop, causing you to stumble forward into the into the waiting lips. Your hand grabbed Sugas shirt for support, and he puts a hand on your lower back and pulls for a deeper kiss. You start to kiss back. He taste amazing, like the fruit drink he had in the car. Sweet and inviting, he pulls you in and a fog sets over your rational brain. You keep kissing till you have to come up for air, panting it takes you a second to realise the elevator stopped. "Wait... why did we stop...." Looking around, you seem to be between floors. "Omo, I have to call PDmin, and... and.. sort this out." Pulling out your cell phone, you hold down the speed dial for your boss. Suga hasn't moved at all. Some of his weight is pressing into you, making it so you can't move away. You turn your head to the side as the phone rings, waiting for the other end to pick up. This also leaves your neck open to Yoongi. "Hello?" PDnim answers in a sleepy voice. "Hello sir, sorry to wake you but- Ahhh!" Just then Suga moves in to place light kisses down your neck, making you cry out in surprise. “What's wrong?" You hear on the line. You try to control the rapid breathing, and answer in a clear voice. “Nothing sir, I wanted to report that the elevator has stopped between floors but it will be taken care of shortly." You lied, not knowing when it would be fixed. "Hmmm okay if your not out in 45 minutes call me back, text me if you get him to his room beforehand. " He ordered, clearly groggy. "Ye, I will do that sir. I'll be hanging up first then." You reply as you press endcall. Suga must have been waiting for it to end. He nips your neck as he moves down laying kisses to your collar bone. Grazing his teeth on your skin, he sends tingles up your spine. Rather than breathing, you're almost panting at this point. You want to kiss him, so deciding to take action, you dig your fingers into his hair. Grasping firmly you pull him up to be face to face. He looks pleasantly surprised as you meet him forcefully in a kiss. "Finally!" His husky voice says pulling away. His hands slide down your sides, pressing firmly leaving a trail as they go. Moving down your thighs, he grasps them and picks you up, wrapping the legs around his waist. You can feel the large bulge pressing into you. “We're not having sex in here." You say before things get to out of hand. He nods in agreement, "We can still have fun though." a wicked smile on his face, he has you pinned to the wall, and starts grinding into you. Your skirt has pushed up from the friction. His bulge pushes into your most sensitive area causing you to cry out. Still holding his hair, you pull his head back and start on his neck. Lightly nipping as he did to you. This fuels him to rock into you harder. He moves faster and faster, building a heat in you as he does. His free hand moves up your body to grab your chest, gently at first. You move into the touch and he squeezes harder. Both of you are moving into each other, breathing hard. “I've wanted to kiss you since the day we met." He says looking into your eyes. You can tell he is close to losing it. Grabbing his head with both hands, you kiss him hard making him groan. Pulling his bottom lip into your mouth, you suck on it and graze it with your teeth. He pushes his body into you even harder, focused on his pace. Dropping his lip, you snake your tongue inside his mouth. He meets it hungrily. The battle quickly moves into your mouth as he shoves his way in. You put you lips around his tongue and suck on it. "Ahhhhhh!" He calls out with a hard thrust and slows his rocking down. You are both breathing hard. You unhook your ankles to slide down his body and touch the floor. His hands moving up to hold your neck and waist. You flatten down your wrinkled skirt as best as you can.
He presses a sweet kiss to your forhead, making you smile. "Oppa, you taste so sweet." You say blushing hard. "Suga is always sweet." He replies with a laugh. You hit his chest for being corny. "Oh I never called the front desk!" You realized reaching for your phone. " Don't worry." He leans over and pushes the 12 floor. The elevator starts moving. "Wait but how?..." You start to ask. "You stopped the elevator?!" He has a huge grin now as he ruffles his hair. "I just made a little more us time" He says with a laugh. The doors open on the 12 floor and you check the mirrors and smooth down your hair so you don't look so obvious. Picking up your bag, you step into the hall. Yoongi follows close behind. You stop and turn to him. "Don't ever pull a stunt like that again... and don't brag to the other boys!" You loudly whisper to him. Before you change your mind, you lean in and give him a quick peck on the lips and keep walking. You reach his door and pull out a room key, sliding it in, you open the door. Motioning for him to enter. Jimin was inside and looks up asking, "What took so long?" which you can't help but blush. "Elevator trouble." Suga says with a wink at you. You shut the door behind him and let out a big breath. Job done. Now to that bubble bath, you decide going to you're own room.
Allllll done! sorry it's long and messy but my phone makes it hard to check and edit. Not the best but I liked my story XD Thanks to @KutieKiKi for editing help! <3 I picked Suga cause he is giving me feels right now and just look at him!
@poojas i get the same thing too. My friends won't talk about certain things in front of me because im the innocent one and even my own family won't believe i could do something un- innocent. They dont know i read things like the story above except for my brother.( he saw me reading once)
@VixenViVi SAME someone at work called me "innocent" and I almost snorted my coffee XD
@shannonl5 @VixenViVi I have no poker face. I will smile like an idiot at my phone screen. It's all good! XD
...Sooooo you should like...continue writing fanfics because you are AMAZING at it. ALSO, thank you for not making it J-Hope because I might have actually died. Again...amazing amazing fanfic! :D
Sweet Jesus the heat of this. I think it's amazing. I forgot you wrote this till you posted the link in your other post saying you finally picked a bias. I Need You started playing while I was perfect.
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