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Over the past couple of weeks, the Kansas City Royals have done everything in their power to let the world know they love Fetty Wap and his music. The team even went to the extreme of working “1738” in every press interview they conduct.

Yesterday, the Royals saw reaped a fruitful harvest for their hard work, as Fetty Wap flew to Kansas City to link with the team.

The talented artist took a day out his busy schedule to link with Royals.
The Royals shared their excitement with the world on Twitter stating “On a scale of 17 to 38, #Royals meeting @fettywap today is definitely a 38. #ForeverRoyal”
From the looks of it, Fetty and his friends were probably just as excited, though, as they got to have a little fun around the facilities.
If memory serves, this is the first time a one-eyed rap star from New Jersey has been the guest of honor at a Major League Baseball game played in the state of Missouri.
Pretty cool moment for the rising star rap star and the Kansas Royals. I'm calling it now, if the Royals make the World Series, they will bring Fetty Wap down to perform "Trap Queen" during the 7th inning stretch.
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Hahah safe to say this is a first, yes.