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Summer Ends, Cuffing Season Begins

Cuffing season or the cold weather relationship for the usually single is about to be upon us! Once a pumpkin spiced anything comes out, cuffing season has officially be ready for the "in a relationship" notifications to start FLOODING your newsfeed.
Here are the sure fire signs that someone you know is trying to Cuff.
1. When someone tweets "I'm so cold, where my cuddle buddy to warm me up" and then a pic of them in wool socks and shorts.
I mean come on! That would never be acceptable to say during the slutty summer, and yet once one single leaf hits the ground its all about spooning and Eskimo kisses under the blanket.
2. When the person you met at the bar is trying to text you good morning texts.
Usually summer night loves meet in bars and clubs ends after breakfast the next morning. Yet "hey girl" texts from as soon as Labor Day show that everyone is gearing up for cuffing season. If you are getting these texts beware, the texter is looking for someone to spend the long cold winters with some pillow talk.
3. Inviting you over for a Netflix movie when a snow storm is about to hit.
Its like that Christmas song "baby its cold outside". You come over for one movie and then you're snowed in for like 4 days, making each other dinners and cuddling. Thats when you know someones cuffing game is strong because HELLO you are pretty much cuffed.
So for all the singles out there weather you are trying to be cuddled or not....someone is gonna try! Lets just see if cuffing in the club will lead to a relationship that last longer then that first beach day.
May the odds be ever in your favor.
Great line. I pictured the actress
love this @LizArnone! you def got down to the nitty gritty and that shirt about it being a trap is absolutely HI-LAR-IOUS!!!
@EddiePozo hahhaa fall is my fav season!! but the idea of cuffing season is just so crazy its funny because i know people who LIVEEEE for cuffing season and single summers
Well these are my favorite seasons but truth be told...I can see this being true
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