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So. My Baby started PreK and it has me in the feels. Like overflowing of the feels.. I am so excited but so sad too that she's growing up so fast.
I will let Leo and Ravi show how I react to her everytime I see her. T.T Can we build a time freezing machine?
My sister sent me a snapchat video of her getting ready and sent me pics of her on her first day. I ran around like DO at first because she's so adorable and I. Can't. Even!!! BUT it hit me hard that she's growing up. T.T Sister called and we cried together. . .
I have to go buy a jug of cookie dough and start my emotional eating escapade! I have to listen to a ton of music now.
@AimeeH Can't handle them Mommy feels...they'll get ya lol.
@AimeeH That's awesome. It runs in the family huh? XD Good for her! Time will go so fast starting now. But it will be one exciting journey.
@poojas Thank you dear!! She's my pride n joy!! She had a fantastic day! She already loves school! just like her mom and Auntie Aimee! ^~^
She looks ADORABLE!!! Hope she has a great first day :D
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