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@buddyesd asked us to talk about the scary movies that traumatized us as children, soooo.. here are mine - 'Gremlins' and 'Gremlins 2'!
When I was a kid, as most do, I had a wild imagination. However, mine was a bit more peculiar. I had nightmares constantly - ones that went far beyond the typical 'boogie man' motif. I rarely slept well, and it caused my parents some concern.
Needless to say, when I first watched 'Gremlins', it only added fuel to the fire of my strange subconscious, and Gremlins were all I was able to dream about. They chased me through school, at the house, and anywhere else I could dream them to be.
Yeah, and this movie was supposed to be a COMEDY.

First off, LOOK AT THESE GUYS. They look part-bat, part-lizard, and part every single 'creepy crawly' you can probably think of.

And sure, Gizmo - aka America's precursor to the Furby - was adorable as hell. So Little Kid Me would be like "Oh, this is fun. This is like the Muppets."

But then Gizmo would get in contact with water, turn into an evil Gremlin, and I'd be like "THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT LIKE THE MUPPETS."

Next, the movie would try to 'unscare' me by making the Gremlins do cute things like wear sunglasses and eat popcorn and dance to music.

But then this would happen. What the hell is even going on?! It's like someone spliced a frog with the genetic material of Tori Spelling.

Once things started finally making sense again, Hulk Hogan would come out for his cameo. Because these were the 80s and before the Jonas Brothers, we had the WWF Superstars.

Fortunately, when it got to the point of seeming helplessness, Billy would end up saving the day.

Or at least you'd think so, until the last 20 seconds of the film implies a sequel.

All in all, the 'Gremlins' franchise played with my tiny, fragile childhood brain, and I've still never entirely recovered from it. Even making this card made me shiver a little bit. I can't possibly be the only one here who was skeeved out by these things.
Pleeeeasee do @jlee37 !! :D
@jlee37 did you put again? :D
Noooooo @jlee37 you can't tantalize me like that!! What was the card about?? Was there an adorable picture of you?? @danidee what did i miss out on!!!
Awwww thank you @danidee
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