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People do and say some crazy things when they are under the spell of the holiday spirit.
This week I witnessed the power of Christmas while watching the Family Feud.
Steve: If Santa Claus was sick on Christmas eve, who might he ask to deliver the presents?
Me screaming at the screen: Elves.. Rudolph
Sheri: I'm thinking outside the box, he already knows the route... Easter bunny.

Steve couldn’t believe the answer.

“He knows where all of the kids are,” said Sheri. “Hey, I have six kids.”
Her teammate backed her up with the weirdest co-sign (or excuse for the wrong answer) by stating “She teaches Zumba!”
Steve, like anyone with common sense says “It’s hard for me to see the tie-in between the bunny, and Christmas.”
Sheri responded “Cmon Steve, they’re magical friends.”
Magical friends.. okay..
The host turned to the board said “For the win, Easter Bunny!”

To Steve’s (and probably everyone in the studio audience) surprise, Easter Bunny popped up on the screen.

Steve was so shocked by the answer that he dropped the cards and walked off the set. Sheri made sure she hit Steve with her victory dance before he left though.
Really America, Really?
Jack Frost would have been a better answer. 😓
I totally thought Easter Bunny was a plausible answer!!!
Maybe she watched way too much of Rise of the Guardiens.
exactly. sometimes i worry just as much about the surveyed population as i do about the folks on the show
@jeff4122 tell me about it, Steve nearly had a meltdown when he saw that on the board. I can believe that close to 10% of the people asked even came to that conclusion as well, lol. Wayyyy too many people thinking alike on that one, lol
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