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Think mood rings, but for your lips.

We all get moody sometimes. Sometimes one mood is fairly better than the next, and although we may not be wearing these plastic rings that changed from blue to purple anymore -- our personality says it all. If you enjoyed wearing those mood rings growing up, let's take a trip down memory lane and talk lipsticks that pertain to a specific mood.
If you're tired of waiting for people to read your emotions and facial expression, maybe it's time you wore a lipstick shade that will immediately tell those around you how you're feeling. Whether you're feeling happy or tired, there's the perfect lipstick shade for every single mood you may be experiencing throughout the day.

If You're Feeling Energetic...

Feeling rather enthused and have that extra pep in your step, red oranges are the perfect lipstick shades to go for.

If You're Feeling Melancholy...

If you're feeling moody and need a pick me, put down the red wine and reach for a dark wine lipstick.

If You're Feeling Mischievous...

Feel like getting into a bit of playful trouble, throw on a bright fuchsia lip to add some excitement to your mood.

If You're Feeling Amorous...

In a romantic mood, we all know that a red lip is the perfect shade -- always.

If You're Feeling Lethargic...

Feeling rather tired and lazy, rose lipsticks will give you just the right amount of color to wake you up and have you looking, feeling alert.

If you struggle in the morning trying to figure out what lipstick to wear for the day, your mood can now be the deciding factor.

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