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I was honestly not going to say anything to their fandom and just ignore, but when this happens... I don't even know how to think straight. How dare anyone ever say this? This is rude beyond belief. Not only is it rude to our fans, but also to her FAMILY. This is disgusting. I haven't gotten over the fact that she and Rise aren't here anymore. I can't even listen to Ladies' Code without breaking down. Its been hard for me and I know it's been hard for other fans too but this was just too much. Thank goodness that the user got reported
Seriously its so sick. I hope that Kpop fans dont stoop to their level :(
kpop will never die, there's to many loving fans to let that happen. 1D fans are rude and brutal, this isn't even human
That was unbelievably rude and immature! and seriously talking about a person that's gone that way is worse
That is such a low blow and completely uncalled for. 😡 I don't even understand the reason for the post. What was the point?
@amandamuska yeah. T-ara and 1D fans are competing for something (I really don't know what it is. I'm trying to stay out of it)
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