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We all do it for the memory. Take the leap, spend money we don't have, do something crazy. We love rehashing the story, telling it to anyone who will listen and laugh at all the right places.
And then its the moments we try to forget. The ones that we push away because it is so much easier to remember it being someone else's fault, to remember that it was a one time deal, to think that every second with him was shit.
Weed through the memories. Remember the times when you lost your cool and talked behind someones back. Think of the sick feeling you had in your stomach for days after, knowing that betraying someone you love really is the worst feeling in the world. Bring back the heart break, not just to relive it, but to remember everything he did that made you love him. Feel each stab as you remember his smile, and the way he whispered in your ear, and how every time he touched you, you were reminded that to him you are so much more than everyone else.
Remember so you know what to look out for.
Remember so you know what you hate about yourself.
Remember so you can change.

Remember so you live a life worth living.

Lizarnone@lessons hopefully learned
memories have been a blessing and a curse for me. but I wouldn't be who I am without either the good or the bad
I think sometimes my steadfast belief in revealing all the ugly can bog me down sometimes, but this is good advice. There's always darkness before the dawn. Love this card Liz!