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Our favorite networks spent the summer with the Television Critics Association, a group of TV journalists who get paid to write about TV all day and are essentially #careergoals for me!!
Over the summer they go on a press tour getting the latest TV scoop from all the giant networks we know and love. Some big TV news was announced this summer, and I'm gonna round it all up for you guys!

Tina Fey is producing a new series for NBC!

Sesame Street is moving to HBO! The show and the network struck a deal for at least 5 years of production.

Mike Schur (producer of The Office, Parks & Rec) has a new female-centric comedy coming to NBC!

The CW is making a TV adaptation of The Notebook!

Jim Carrey is producing a new show about the world of comedy in the 1970s!

Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog have broken up. But not to worry, their on-screen relationship will remain cordial.

...And finally (maybe most importantly), Jimmy Fallon's contract was extended to 2021. SIX MORE YEARS!

Hahaha @Amanjain I don't think it's all Americans... plenty are, but I think everyone has some silly pastime that's kind of a break from the stress of real life, something light and fun that just takes your mind off things. For some people that's TV or celebrity news, for some people it's watching spots, for some it's going for a walk on the beach. I prefer to be outside personally, and go for a run or read a book, and I'm American, but I read entertainment news sometimes too :) I think the most important thing is to never assume that just because someone is a certain nationality or gender, they are automatically in line with a certain stereotype :) everyone is different, and that's part of the beauty of our world!
I don't get it why Americans are so obsessed with TV and there stars I know that your TV shows are really awesome like Game of thrones but why you all are so obsessed with TV and Hollywood
This is all great news!! Except for Miss Piggy and Kermit... can someone please explain the significance of that to me? Seems a little random... or are they trying to generate buzz for a future show??
Yep @allischaaff pretty much sums it all up! I really enjoy the humor and drama in lots of TV shows and I appreciate the talent of those actors and actresses who play them! It's also fun to follow those celebrities off screen when you're so used to their on-screen personalities. It might be a weird obsession, but it's fun! For the most part I think it's just the hobby that lots of people use to unwind and take a break. Like Alli said, everyone's different and whatever they choose to do with their time is totally cool! We're all different and awesome in our own way :)
Yeah @allischaaff I'm assuming they're just trying to stay relevant hahah but they've been together for so long so muppets fans everywhere were devastated (I don't really understand myself but...)