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I did some looking and learning online about French Macarons and QUICKLY DISCOVERED that making them by hand IS NOT FOR ME! I'd rather just buy them and eat them! The great news about this DIY is that you don't have to make them either. You just have to buy your favorite different flavors and a few other things to make this quick and easy project FUN!

Supplies Needed:

Food Markers
Brown Gel Food Coloring
Clear Almond Extract
Light Brown Fondant
Food Paint Brush (food-use only!)
Macarons (different colors and flavors!)
For the cone, roll out light brown fondant on your working surface, and cut a triangle shape for each of your macarons so serve as the cone. Let the shape harden a bit by leaving it exposed to the open air, then draw little criss cross lines to look like the waffle cone shapes.
Using your food marker, create lines on the fondant triangles to mimic ice cream cones.
The final step is to slip the "cones" between the Macaron wafers. Don't press onto the wafer as this will crush and indent the macaron. Set these out on cute cake stands and watch the kiddos gobble these up!
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Awwwww! These are ADORABLE! I can't believe how friggin cute they are hahaha. I know my little sister will love this idea; she's quite the baker, and actually succeeds at making macarons by hand! (some of the time...) Mine always come out weird and burnt. :/ Does Ladurée ship? Because that could be a worthwhile investment...
@allischaaff i have never heard of Laduree. what is that?