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Shout out to @laurafisher who tagged me in this nearly impossible word challenge! It's hard to get things down to the bare bones, so I'd like to challenge @alywoah @terrecariley and @buddyesd to do the same. I think it'd be fun!

"Words words words, music, madness, revelation."

What's your life story in 6 words?
@TessStevens ow my brain is rebelling lol this is going to be a challenge alright :)
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@buddyesd I know, my brain is so not wired to be short-winded! I think it's a good lesson in directness though!
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Awesome! This is like shortening thoughts into a tweet but so much harder!
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@LauraFisher that is so right...I always find myself shortening my tweets and what not. It's so hard to get thoughts out concisely!
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Imma try : screwed around, messed up, got right. Lol not that hard
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