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[Subject is wearing hooded sweatshirt. Smoking a cigarette, drinking coffee.]
I don't really know what to say. I mean, "what's cool?" What kind of question is that? It's, like, you know the thing they say about pornography. It's hard to describe but you know it when you see it. Being cool is like that. You just know when it's cool and know when it isn't.
Oh! That's embarrassing, you'll cut that part out then? No, okay. Well, no, I don't think I was ever a cool kid growing up. I mean, it's hard to be like, Yeah, I was one of the coolest kids in school, man. Everyone wants to be cool but when they are cool, they don't admit they're cool. Admitting you're cool, is probably un-fucking-cool, you get me?
People have called me cool, yeah. That doesn't mean I suddenly turned into James Dean, you know? Now, that guy. That guy was cool. I don't even really know why, though. You see what I'm saying? You just look at him and you're like goddamn, that's a cool dude... Have you heard of this movie that's coming out? Life? Yeah, I guess it's supposed to be about James Dean.
Like, yeah, I'm totally interested in it. It's like that David Foster Wallace movie except it's James Dean and a photographer [laughs]. And man, I love, I absolutely love James Dean. I took a drama class in high school, right? And one of our projects was to pick an actor and, like, be them for a week.
Yeah, of course I picked James Dean, I wanted to be cool man, really goddamn cool. And I think I did a good enough job being him but there was that constant fear that maybe, maybe I'm not cool enough to be acting as this cool guy. And that's the problem I'm having with this movie, you know? [takes a drag of his cigarette, lets the smoke sit on his tongue before inhaling]
Like, this guy. This actor playing him, just look at him. He doesn't have that [subject moves his hands like something is exploding in his palm] thing, you know. Like, I don't feel like, Damn, I want to be that guy when I look at him. And that's what should happen, you know? Like, everyone wants to be James Dean. Everyone wants to be Joe Cool. Nobody wants to admit though. And I don't get it.
Me? No. I'm through being cool. [this is not true]
Oh, uh. Life doesn't have a US release date yet. I'm not mad though, I can wait.
I want to watch this movie and bask in the glow of coolness. Maybe I can acquire some via cinematic osmosis. Is that a thing?
@danidee honestly, I think that's the only way to get cool. it's a lot like tanning except without the sun or taking clothes off. just the light of the screen and a cool movie.