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This really gets me mad. It's one thing to get butt hurt over a loss and start making fun the of the Korean language but when it starts being about a death of a person who first of all can't defend themselves is just inappropriate and so unethical. If you guys haven't voted yet for the Fan Army War by Billboards please do so. When things like this happens every kpop fan group unites as one big family and helps each other out. Let's stay stong and united!
WHOA. That is SO out of line. I know they're just doing that to get people pissed off but WHOA.
SMDH....I can't even.... like seriously they're gonna take it there?? Of all places they could take it..... theyre gonna get personal and disrespect her memory, her fans, and most importantly her family? Thats disgustingly low. It makes me sick.
@LaurenStrayhorn I can get angry but I think being logical and reasonable about this whole situation shows who is more mature. @kpopandkimchi Yea i know and this while situation just WON'T die out! Now the fact that people are calling Queens cheaters the Beyhive fans of Beyounce are now joining in on this too and calling Queens cheaters because their fandom is losing. This has gone way out of control for a simple poll.
these kids don't understand how strong koreaboos can be when we need to be. Hopefully they will stop because this is just incredibly immature, but ugh... I just can't belive how far they are going. Guys we have to ignore them as much as we can! hwaiting!!! 화이팅!!!!! 💞
this is why koreaboos rule. we can come together and supports each other positively. some people are just closed minded. and Tbh a lot of it is Just blantent racism.
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