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This really gets me mad. It's one thing to get butt hurt over a loss and start making fun the of the Korean language but when it starts being about a death of a person who first of all can't defend themselves is just inappropriate and so unethical. If you guys haven't voted yet for the Fan Army War by Billboards please do so. When things like this happens every kpop fan group unites as one big family and helps each other out. Let's stay stong and united!
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these kids don't understand how strong koreaboos can be when we need to be. Hopefully they will stop because this is just incredibly immature, but ugh... I just can't belive how far they are going. Guys we have to ignore them as much as we can! hwaiting!!! 화이팅!!!!! 💞
Wow! So damn disrespectful! That had nothing to with anything and does not help their argument at all. It's quite sad
they just prove that we suffered greater loss and are obviously more mature than they are. like seriously. dude leaves and girls die and leave school early and shit. we lose and exo member and we just cry for a bit but still support him. if one of 1D died, we wouldn't talk about he in hell or anything cause that's disrespectful to the deceased, their friends, family, and anyone else that knew and loved them. we may joke 1D but at least we know when to stop. death is never a joke and a weapon that should never be used
I can't even wrap my mind around this... I can't even belive my eyes, they actually really said that! Well, if we're talking "Rich", "Sexy".... one person... one person only to quiet them; G-Dragon. *drops mic* This is especially infuriating because I am a faithful fan of Ladies Code! I really don't want to go down to their level... but their really, REALLY pushing it. I absolutely love music, I show no disrespect to no one (artist and/or fans) but when fans like this take it to that level... I come to the conclusion that they're the reason why the world has become so cold-hearted and cruel. ARGH! I'm really stuggling here not curse and completely flip out.... *flips table* They're really pushing it. 😤😡
honestly. Korean stars are more chill too. they can walk around and talk to fans. go to stores. see a movie with fans. and not worry about crazy bitches. they'll even ride the subway in America. that takes guts. especially when you don't know your way around and have a camera crew following you