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Natsu Dragneel! 馃挆
This is one of my favorite anime characters, NATSU DRAGNEEL from Fairy Tail he has the brightest smile I have ever seen in an anime, and he is super strong which is really attractive. He's really adorable! Oh, and Happy is flying in the corner saying "AYE SIR"!
I drew both of these pictures a few months ago. I love his character so much, he's a dragon slayer why wouldn't he be awesome and I picked one of his quotes to put in this picture with his guild mark underneath representing himself. I love this show so much! I know he's your favorite character so I thought I'd show you my drawings of him. @corinazurk Have any of you ever watched Fairy Tail, do you like it? @poojas @AimeeH @DanRodriguez @Kamiamon @chandnip804
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