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It's that time of year again - Back To School shopping season. It's when your local shops markdown all the flip-flops and swimsuits and replace it with a whole bunch of calculators, neon highlighters, and Harry Styles notebooks.
Personally, I can't stand Back To School shopping. Oh, it was fun when I was a kid, and it meant new backpacks and a pack of scented markers. But as you get older, the school supply demands get a little crazier. And then, alas, this happens:
First, you walk into your local office supply store thinking: "Yessss. Brand new notebooks. Brand new pencils. Brand new binders." The idea of fresh supplies is exciting - well, until you add up the bill.
You get out your list of school supplies, and you have no idea what your teachers are describing. It takes about 15 minutes for you to realize that when he writes 'paper reinforcements' that he means 'hole protectors'.
Once you've tracked down the supplies you need, you realize you have options. Sure, you can play it safe and pick the cheap, generic version. Or you can spend a little more for the fancy version with the cool colors and fun scents.
So you fill up your cart, and you're ready to go home. If you thought spending one hour scavenging for school supplies was fun, wait until you have to wait in an obnoxiously long line just to drop $150+ on some new pens and a graphing calculator.
Plus, remember that cute pen you bought? Yeah, that's not even remotely close to what specifications your teacher put in the syllabus. It's BLUE ink. She said BLACK ink. You can't even use it on homework. You don't realize this until the first day.
So you head back to the store, receipt in hand, and ask for your money back - only to find out that apparently they don't allow refunds on certain school supplies (aka everything you originally purchased).
You give up, and mope the entire way back home about the $5 you wasted. You're still stuck with the crappy blue pen you can't use for class, but hey, maybe you'll need it eventually, right?
And this, my friend, is how your lifelong hoarding habit begins. (Don't say I didn't warn you.)
So that's it. That's why Back To School shopping is more or less the devil. Do you have a bad Back To School shopping story too? Let's smack talk together.
@allischaaff @daniidee We get out too early. It makes it difficult to see family. By the time family gets out of school, we're getting ready to go back. Plus who wants to back to school when it's in the 90's outside.
@allischaaf Yes, I live in Georgia. I think we are the earliest starting schools in the nation. I hate it.
Our kids have been in school for 2 weeks already, so July is back to school shopping for us.
I'm like oddly obsessed with office supplies, so back to school shopping was always fun for me, but I hated the crowds. Like...everything gets picked over and it's effing miserable.
That's why you have to wait 'til the first day of school when the teacher hands out the list of supplies you need, @danidee!! :D
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