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This is the true definition of a caked up face.

If you were makeup daily, imagine how much makeup your face consumes over the course of one year. This three minute video by Nowness starring Belgium model Hannelore Knuts shows you what your face looks like covered in one years worth of makeup. Yes, that means 365 days worth of foundation, concealer, eyeshadow and the works.
To create this video, Hannelore consumed way more makeup than you can probably wrap your mind around. Just think of your face being covered in seven bottles of foundation, three tubes of lipstick, two bottles of blush and eyeshadow over the course of nine hours. Mind boggling to say the least.

And to think we constantly complain about removing a day's worth of makeup at night.

Oh My God. I always think about how much my face "costs" like adding the products' value together. EEk. equally cringeworthy results.
an insane amount of makeup! never even realized how much makeup is used over time. sheesh! @LizArnone
@allischaaff I agree. I didn't understand the purpose of the doing this until I thought about it a little bit deeper. Being a woman who almost wears makeup daily, this short video def spoke to me. and I love how you put beautiful in quotes, extremely deep.
oh my god thats insane!!!!!!!
This video made me feel... sad. I guess that was kind of their point. It is pretty sad that we as women are expected to wear makeup every single day... we don't really consider how strange that is until we see the accumulation of all the products we go through, just to look "beautiful."
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