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Okay, so @buddyesd has asked us to talk about movies that terrified us as children. He wrote a great card about it, and so did @danidee – you can check hers out here.
It took me a while to think of a movie that scared me, because I've never really watched scary movies. I've always hated horror films; I'll barely even watch freaky sci fi stuff. My parents encouraged my avoidance of anything and everything scary, because when I was little, I was the BIGGEST scaredy cat in the world. I'm not sure if it was because my parents did such a great job of protecting me from the world, so I never got desensitized, or if I'm just naturally afraid of everything that goes bump in the night... it's probably a little bit of both.
So anyway, what we would end up watching on family movie night was almost always a kid-friendly adventure or comedy, often from the 1980s, when my dad grew up. We'd rent VHS's from Blockbuster (remember that store??), make some popcorn, and dim the lights as we bonded over a goofy family film.
One of the movies we watched was Pee Wee's Big Adventure, starring the wonderfully weird Pee Wee Herman. The guy has since more or less fallen from grace, after facing some child pornography charges. But this was before that all came to light, so of course my parents thought, how could we possibly go wrong with such a light, fun story of a strange young man and his beloved stolen bicycle?

They were wrong.

So, so wrong. Because...

They had forgotten about Large Marge.

That image stayed burned into my brain for years to come. I had nightmares. Waking terrors. I slept in my parents bed on the nights when I just couldn't get her forked tongue and bulging eyes out of my mind.
Basically, what happens in the scene for those of you who haven't seen it:
Pee Wee is hitch-hiking down the highway, and gets a ride from a truck driver who tells him the creepy story of a horrible accident that (predictably) happened on a dense, foggy night, just like that one... you can see for yourself what comes next:
The video's only 2 minutes long, and it's not really scary at all. You'll probably laugh at me for ever being terrified by this haha.
But it just goes to show, I'm a delicate flower :) as my mom always says. Lol!
Hahaha this is so awesome. I've got just the response in mind. Stay tuned!
HAHAHAHA! Large Marge. I used to love laying in my parents bed watching Pee Wee's Big Adventure. I loved Pee Wee until I found out he was a creep in real life.
I'll have to think on this one! But pee wee definitely freaked me out too haha this is awesome
Hahahaahah I love that this freaked you out. Were you afraid of the Beetlejuice movie too?
ok you can all laugh at me now:
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