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Without even needing to make or bake anything, here are four ways you can dress up your dessert table. Sometimes you just want to be "the best" when you have company over. Part of playing the part is having desserts (or other food) displayed in a way that is presentable, themed and makes the food look even better than it is!

1. Wreathe It

Regardless of the season, wreathes can be used to anchor a cake pedestal or a wide platter. Don't think of this as a Fall/Winter-only thing. Even Christmas trees are turning up year-round for other holidays.

2. Self-serve Jars

By putting dessert items, like truffles or cookies into jars or other petite containers, you can showcase them as a decadent product and not just something on a plate, waiting to be picked up. Jars like this serve double-duty too because it allows your company to walk away with dessert and eat later, especially if they've eaten too much already.

3. Brass Food Picks

Fancy up your finger foods with something more than wooden picks. Invest in some brass food picks that are durable, sturdy and bring some class to the food that it's pierced into. These can be found in the baking section of hobby stores or online.
TIP: Be sure that the ones you are buying are food-safe. Never use these with acidic foods or foods with a ph of 6 or above.

4. Up-Cycle Condiment Holders

Since condiments come in such variety of containers and holders, you can get really creative with this. Find what you have or buy something from a thrift store to use as a fun and new way to display food.
If you have some other ideas about displaying food, I would love to hear. I am always trying to find new ways of doing things. Click here for some fun food ideas that I have shared in the past.