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Beauty Lovers: Sephora Subscription Boxes Are Coming To Life!

Birch box, move over. There's a new beauty box in town.

If you're a fan of beauty products and an even bigger fan of Sephora -- get excited. Word on the streets is that next month Sephora is starting a beauty subscription box and that means beauty products galore every single month for a small [or not so small] fee. Are you excited? If not, you should be.
The subscription box gives you the opportunity to receive what is called a play pass. In other words, subscribers will have the privilege to special perks and even VIP access [to reward subscribers], according to InStyle mag. Unfortunately, this special opportunity is bypassing the bigger cities and make it's way to Boston, Ohio and Cincinnati. But don't fret -- these beauty boxes are going to absolutely amazing and I can only imagine what goodies Sephora will surprise us with. Keep a lookout to find out when it will be coming to a city near you.

Ladies, how excited are you and would you subscribe?

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