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@buddyesd and @allischaaff have started a challenge to write about something that frightened you as a child. Their prompts ask for movies, but this book - "Are You My Mother?" by P.D. Eastman had me crying my eyes out for years. It's too good of an example to not submit.

It's not a scary or sad book. Really, it isn't.

It's about a young small bird who gets separated from his mother. He goes around the world and tries to find her, encountering all sorts of animals and wondering if they are his mother. They all reply that no, they are not his mother, because they are instead a dog, or whatever else. It's remarkably simple.
This trend continues for a while, until the little bird approaches a dump truck called "Snort."

And that's where I used to LOSE it.

The two pages above are the absolute bottom moments of my childhood. I'm telling you.
The only way I can explain how upset it made me is by telling you that... I loved my mommy a lot. So the thought of someone, even a little bird, losing his mama was horrifying!

I was a strange kid. Leave me alone, OK?

Now I'm big and strong and independent and I don't need to cry at things like this anymore!
But I still love my ma.
THIS IS THE SADDEST THING OF ALL TIME. Also your childhood self had a tremendous amount of sensitivity. I appreciate that.
Awwww I think it's cute and sweet that you love your Mom so much! The little birdies mom should have whooped Snorts butt!
@jlee37 @danidee thank you for the support. I'm still recovering...
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