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I guess everyone has their own definition, but:

stoop up (v.) - when the guy/girl said they would go out with you only to find out they flaked out on you
It's self explanatory. You have plans that you have both planned out well in advance, the day approaches and you are ecstatic -- only to find yourself looking dumb and feeling embarrassed.
Your feelings are hurt and you can't understand why this is happening to you, but as much as you want to bury your face in your pillow -- you shake it off, put on a smile and go about your day as if nothing ever happened. I mean after all, it is your birthday.
You act like everything is good, but deep down inside you want to know what in the world happened and what did you do to cause this? You think about texting the person a very disrespectful text, but you're more mature than that. They end up texting you hours later as if nothing every happened.
You want to scream to the top of your lungs, but people are around and it's your birthday. Thanks to your friends, they saved the day -- but deep down inside you still can't help but shake the way you feel. You feel embarrassed, hurt, betrayed, stupid and a heap more of distasteful feelings.
Days pass and you still have no apology. You begin to question if you even deserve an apology. Why are you putting the blame on yourself? You didn't do anything. You tell yourself that the person isn't worth your time nor energy and in order to move on you must first send a text. Sent, but no no avail it turns into an argument that you're not about to deal with.
I mean where is the compassion? It was my birthday for pete's sake and your excuse is you had to work. You didn't have to work a couple hours before, but I let it slide as usual and go on about my business. I've dealt with worse.

The sad thing is, I actually expected more from this person. It's usually the ones we expect the most from who let us down the hardest.

Did I learn my lesson? Yes. Will it happen again? Who knows. Am I still hurting? Yes. Do I miss this person even though they hurt me? Yes. Will I live? Yes. Does life go on? Yes.
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The last paragraph is crucial! It may feel like the end of the world, but the good news is that it's not! Wonderful card and extremely insightful.
ughhhhhh this makes me so mad especially the text picture. standing someone up is so rude and mean and I'm sorry it happened to you on your birthday!!! at least you are the bestir person, didn't lose your cool, and lost the jerk instead! perfect song for this EXCAT situation ---- taylor swift: the moment I knew its soooo good and this story exactly !
@jordanhamilton you're so wise. "Trying to find the beauty in the situation" - this is key. I want to learn to do that too. Girl talk, I CAN'T believe that's how he responded to that text!! What a jerk!!!! "You're still holding on to that" – dude, anyone would be!! No one deserves to be treated like that on their bday. I say give this guy the freeze out.
Thanks so much @skee292 ! I'm starting to learn that there is indeed beauty in all things -- even disappointment. Trying to find the beauty in this situation. I appreciate the comment :)
@LizArnone sooooooo sorry! I am literally JUST now seeing this, smh. My notifications have been somewhat off for awhile but I appreciate your comment! I was definitely bummed out, but I realized my worth and moved on. Def about to listen to this Taylor Swift song
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