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So I decided to follow along suit With @kpopandkimchi in celebrating some of the best vivacious bootys. . . I had to tread lightly not wanting to be 1000% creeper. . . 100% is okay, right??
For starters we have Son Dong-Woon from BEAST/ B2ST. . . Y'all he's a packing.
Next we have Shinwhabooty!! Love the vogue!
*Cough* *@Taijiotter* *Cough cough* Ah. I choked on air. This is Heo Youngsaeng from SS501. . . You're welcome. Did I mention I love baseball! Can we all take a moment and thank the sport?
Big Bang is Packing the booty. T.O.P. Enough said @najalong1998 XD *I feel like a creeper XD*
Again we have BigBang ~ Daebaby is packing as well! Gorgeous man all the way around.
VIXX Ravi is also getting his own spot on this card. That body roll though!! I ain't mad at cha! *Starbucks and Uggs Stat!!* *I want to thank whoever put these on the interweb...* HIGHFIVES ALL AROUND*
VIXX Leo. I need not say a thing. Ill let the picture do the talking.
Xiumin! *DEAD*
Okay! So that's it for my card! Butt it's not the end... XD Disclaimer* *I do not own the pics or gifs used *
@AimeeH DONT CHOKE OVER THE JINBOOTY! The community deserves naked Kpop idols!
@Taijiotter I just spit dr pepper all over my kitchen floor! XD I had to tread lightly like that! XD You would cause massfangirlacide at once!
@AimeeH I think I choked on my own tongue. This is perf!
@Taijiotter Haha! yes!
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