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So I was wondering if you guys know any good websites that sell KPOP merchandise, and has fast shipping? What do you guys recommend?
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It's the cheapest online (EBay/ Amazon)
2 years ago·Reply
I ordered 3bts sweatshirts and a exo sweater and a CD and it was less then $90 so you can get stuff really cheap
2 years ago·Reply
also there is an app called Geek sponsored by and it has a bunch of merch on there too
2 years ago·Reply
i know cube has their own artist store called cubee where they sell all official merchandise from artists of their company. I'm not sure if other companies to that but kpoptown also has pretty decent charges for shipping and it comes in good quality. for me in the us my packages took about two weeks to come
2 years ago·Reply
I go on Amazon to get my stuff
2 years ago·Reply