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They're the perfect definition of the ideal couple.

They have good times and of course, bad times -- but they always make up. Their relationship is realistic and not watered down for the big screen.
Yes, you guessed -- I'm talking about your favorite on screen couple whether on a tv show or in a movie. If you could choose any couple, who would be your favorite on screen couple and why? What qualities do the two share that you admire?

Interested in hearing some of your faves:

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Lol @jordanhamilton that's really sweet but I'm in no rush XD @paulisaverage THIS is why I need to watch that show that sounds amazing. @esha awww yeah they were so good in Mr. and Mrs. Smith!
@esha Angelina & Brad are always a good pick! They were amazing in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
i def feel you @shannonl5. I'm not in a rush myself either. patience is a virtue :)
I have three ultimate ones and an honorable mention :) Chuck and Sarah, from Chuck. Jake and Hamilton, from Young Americans. Naomi and Emily, Skins. And honorable mention is JungHoo and YoungShin from Healer. So many amazing couples!
Amazing!!! I'm going to have to look into those couples :) @baileykayleen