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They're the perfect definition of the ideal couple.

They have good times and of course, bad times -- but they always make up. Their relationship is realistic and not watered down for the big screen.
Yes, you guessed -- I'm talking about your favorite on screen couple whether on a tv show or in a movie. If you could choose any couple, who would be your favorite on screen couple and why? What qualities do the two share that you admire?

Interested in hearing some of your faves:

Definitely Jim & Pam from The Office(which is why I post so many cards about them haha) they're just so cute and they have fun together! I love a couple that can joke, pull pranks together, etc. I think it's so crucial to keeping the relationship fun!
I need to give this one some thought
The first one that comes to mind is Soso and Poussey from Orange is the New Black. I was totally rooting for them to get together!
Man this might sound like a bowl of cheese, but I really like the intensity between Jack and Rose in the Titanic. Although their relationship was never able to really develop, but I still like their hot, steamy, passionate part of their relationship.
@shannonl5 I think... Venus and Tig from Sons of Anarchy. it takes a while for them to get together but it's so pure and beautiful. Venus is trans and she's amazing and Tig is kind of a creep but together they're amazing.
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