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When I was a little kid I loved dogs. My dogs Missy and Bunny were my best friends. And when my father told me we were going to see the live action 101 Dalmatians film in theaters I was really excited. Like little kid pee your pants excited.
But then I met Cruella DeVille.
I held it together in the movie theater for around half an hour, but once it came time for Cruella to mill the puppies into her glamorous fur coat, I was out.
Like literally...out. I started crying big gloopy tears on to my Old Navy fleece sweatshirt, embossed with little teddy bears. I was a pretty damn sensitive child.
I ended up causing a huge scene in the movie theater, I threw my popcorn off my lap and ran out, crying hysterically, with my grumpy dad trailing behind me.

"Daddy she's killing the puppies! She's evil, she's killing the puppies!"

On the way home in the car, dad explained to me that it wasn't real...just a movie. But my little mind was already convinced that Cruella was evil, and the world was a cold and cruel place. To this day I still cringe when I see the actress, Glen Close in like...anything, even though she's fantastic.
She still kind of freaks me out, even though I kind of ended up looking like her for a while during the production of a play.

Oh, the irony.

Shout out to @allischaaff and @buddyesd for the prompt!
What kind of movies freaked you out as a kid?
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To be fair I must give @buddyesd credit for having the idea first!! :D But everyone's cards on it have been soooo good hahaha. This movie was TERRIFYING when I was little! Those evil henchmen trying to steal the puppies... I was always so worried for them! And imagining those adorable little doggies turned into a coat... tears for days :((((
@TessStevens I hope you didn't see fatal attraction she was scary in that movie lol
HAHAHA I love this challenge. So ridiculous. I never saw the live action of this, but I can totally see how this would freak a little kid out. Especially if they're a puppy lover!
@TessStevens yea she was good in that role lol
@allischaaff yeah the henchmen! Omg. Just actually seeing the puppies in real life like...scarred me hahaha and @buddyesd she's evil!!!
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