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Idk if anyone has seen this photo BUT LET ME TELL YOU I died when I seen this! Call me nasty but idgf...we all know all GD lovers choke on their own air when they saw this! Don't judge lol . Even during a wardrobe problem KingGD still looks good. What a great surprise!
omg . i can't..... i didn't..... but where...... omg ...... can i just die now
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Well I can die peacefully now. waaaaah I give my upmost thanks to the person who photographed this and put it on the Internet. I also thank you for making this card on here
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This is why..."underwear...never leave home without them. lol.
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Yall are funny. This photo made my day. I'm glad you all enjoyed it!
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pants too tight, but who's complaining?
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