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Today in the News...

1. A new Coca-Cola campaign is attempting to persuade you that exercise is more important then a healthy diet. They are also targeting children. It’s soda-pressing how far they have gone to sell their product.
2. There is going to be a TV adaptation of the Notebook. - by @LauraFisher
I heart it’s going to be produced by Nicholas Sparks. I’m crying already.
3. California is going through a drought, so they said “Water we going to do?” and is getting creative with water conservation by releasing shade balls into a reservoir, this keeps it from evaporating.
4. Tom Brady was sketched really horribly in his court sketch. His weird image it taking over the internet...Can he face it?
This card is part of my Punny News Collection. It’s a list of news stories mixed with my puns and play-on-words.
I have lost a lot of respect for coca cola. unfortunately, it's still one of my favorites when it comes to soda
I've been seeing so many Tom Brady sketch parodies today, and each one is funnier and more clever than the last. WHEN WILL IT END????
Yeah, I love the soda, but this just sorta was too much @jokes. They are going to have to do something better to turn this around for me.
Hahaha thank @buddyesd! I was particularly proud of that one
@danidee! I’m actually ok with it not ending for a while...bring on the weird Tom Brady posts!
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