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Fashion stylist and blogger Tina Leung looks like the kind of badass fashionista we see in our dreams. Her half-shaved head of cascading locks and her disregard for labels of masculine or feminine project a kind of confidence we can only attempt to nail down through our clothing choices. If you're up to the challenge, here's how to get the Leung look!
Looks in leather.
Maybe it's just a cool girl necessity, but Leung is no stranger to black leather. From head-to-toe leather looks to polished office-ready dresses and skirts in unexpected leather, Leung wears it well.
Pretty in pastels.
Despite her undeniable toughness, Leung is unafraid of sweet and girly looks as well, as if she knows she can work any style thrown on her body. Pretty pastel dresses make up the more feminine side of her style, and she pulls off everything from sundresses to gowns in the middle of the day in pastels.
Feeling fur.
Leung adds luxe touches to each look, and a furry coat is an easy way to achieve the look. Oversize shag and white fur jackets also add some fun to a seriously polished look, showing Leung doesn't take herself too seriously, but knows she looks good nonetheless.
A babe in black and white.
Leung looks smart in classic black and white ensembles that add some sex appeal and attitude to otherwise professional looks. She isn't afraid of total black or white monochrome either, but when she puts black and white together, she creates the ultimate cool girl uniform.

Are you crushing on her style as hard as I am right now?

@BluBear07 when she has hair that cool, it's totally relevant to her overall style!
i know this post is about her clothes but i love her hair!