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Why spend a million dollars on a real marble lamp when you can make it yourself for about $18? If you don't already have a lamb with a flat smooth surface, like this Target Room Essentials Lamp, then you will have to buy it and add that to the cost. This one retails for about $24 at Target online.

Supplies Needed:

–marble contact paper
Measure the height of the white portion of the lamp and using a flexible garment ruler (tape), measure the circumference of the lamp with a little bit overlap. Trace out these measurements onto the marble contact paper and cut it out.
Peeling off a small portion of the backing, line up the paper as straight as possible before sticking it down, then smooth over the paper with your fingers while peeling off the rest of the backing little by little.
If you have to re-do this part a couple times, don't worry because this contact paper is pretty forgiving, meaning if you gently peel and re-stick, it won’t completely mess up the finish of the paper when you stick it on again. For some of the stubborn air bubbles, use a credit card to smooth them out.
Now you have a beautiful marble-esque lamp that isn't heavy, didn't cost a lot to make, and wasn't hard! These are the best kinds of diy's! For more, click here!