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Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt. They go together like... like waffles and whipped cream. Like Pawnee and Li'l Sebastian. Like Ron Swanson and breakfast meats. Like Jean-Ralphio and Being The Worst.
A few days ago, @jordanhamilton made a card asking, "Who Is Your Favorite On Screen Couple?" Thinking about it, I realized I am totally obsessed with Leslie and Ben's relationship. And there are so many reasons why. Here's my testament to why I love Beslie. Er, Len. Eh, let's just go with their full names. Here's why I love Leslie and Ben!

1. They take chances – together.

Even though it could have cost them their jobs, Ben and Leslie decided to "screw it," and reveal their romance to the world publicly. Sometimes, love is worth risking everything for.

2. They're loud and proud about gender equality.

Ben is very vocal about his feminist beliefs, and obviously, Leslie wouldn't have it any other way. This tag-team couple speech on why women and men are equal is just tons of aww.

3. Leslie's obsessed with Ben's butt.

And she isn't the only one. Ben's butt is a running joke on Parks & Rec (see every time someone talks about it in the glorious compilation above). I, too, tend to be obsessed with my boyfriends' butts, for reasons I can't explain – so Leslie just makes me feel better about my personal weirdness.

4. What began in intense dislike ends in love.

Like many great love stories (I'm looking at you, Pride and Prejudice), the story of our favorite couple begins with Leslie absolutely detesting Ben. He comes to town in order to slash the Parks budget and lay off unnecessary personnel, which, needless to say, has Leslie fuming. But somehow, these two adversaries end up madly in love. Is there anything more romantic?

5. They have the best sexual tension ever.

So much awkward goodness.

6. They're so, so, so in love.

From the very beginning, it's clear that Leslie and Ben are wild about each other. They way they look at each other, the way they click... it's just so clear that they're meant to be together. Their wedding vows say it all: "I love you and I like you."

7. They do whatever is necessary to support each other's dreams.

They've done long distance, made many a compromise, and put their relationship above everything else. I can't think of any other onscreen couple who has overcome so many obstacles!

8. They make the perfect team.

Leslie and Ben understand each other so deeply. Remember when Leslie surprised Ben with a to-scale replica of the iron throne? Best anniversary gift ever. Ben does his part, too; he proves his Leslie knowledge when he gives her mac and cheese pizza, an L-shaped éclair, a Li’l Sebastian stuffed animal, a Yachter Otter... the list of how compatible these two are would stretch on for DAYS.

9. They're so excited about each other.

I mean, come on. Leslie makes an iMovie to commemorate their first hookup. And it's friggin adorable.

So here's to Ben and Leslie.

May we all find a love as dorky, adorable, perfect, sweet, selfless, successful, and pure as theirs. For all the aww's, check out the perfect video above – it's a compilation of all the best Leslie and Ben moments, and it might have gotten me a little misty-eyed. Sniff sniff.
@rodiziketan agreed :) I am very used to their weirdness lol. It's so cute!!
they are so fun to watch. They weird, but so weird that is not weird anymore. :)
@rodiziketan I look forward to your version of The Cones of Dunshire :D
... and I will be Ben haha @shannonl5
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