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Just because I don't bake cakes too much, is no reason to avoid buying, using, making and decorating cake pedestals. Every time I see one, whether it's one I own or another at a cute shop, I always tell myself to "TRY AGAIN..." and bake a cake that will turn out perfect! Mine don't taste bad, but they never seem to be perfect. If you're like me or you just want to try an easy build, this is for you!

Supplies Needed:

Wood clock face (10" or 14")
Small square wooden pot
E6000 adhesive
Mineral Oil for wood conditioning
1. Sand down both pieces of wood to achieve a smooth surface. wash off sawdust with a damp cloth and a tiny bit of soap.
2. mark where your base will go by measuring the center of your top.
3. Add some glue to the base, and if you’re using a clock face like mine (with a hole in the middle), only add the glue to the edges so that no glue seeps through the hole. let dry upside down for a few hours with something heavy placed on top to add weight.
4. Once dry, condition your wood with the mineral oil. Just make sure that the oil you are using is FOOD-SAFE! You can buy this online or at specialty food retailers like Williams-Sonoma.