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As soon as I saw this, I WAS IN LOVE! How cute!

Supplies Needed:

Brass or copper tube (1/8″)
White or black string
Tube cutter
Fishing line (optional)
1. Get your string through the brass bar. This is easy once you tie fishing wire around the string and thread both through together.
2. Working from the middle part to the ends, gently bend the brass slowly. The hardest part is making an even curve on the sides. Use pliers (wrapped with cloth or something else to protect the metal bar) if your hands aren’t strong enough to make the bend U-shaped.
How lovely, right?! I hope you like it as much as me! While you're at the home improvement store looking for tubing, don't forget to notice cute doodads that would make for cute beads on another necklace. Here is the DIY tutorial for that here.