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so its final the big day.....ITS MY BIRTHDAY
so i recived my presants and.........*drum roll*..........IT WAS KPOP MERCH
so im explain how this happen.......so of course i was in my room with my sister waiting for the time to turn to 12 (longest minute ever haha)......
so it finally turn 12 and my parents and sister sang happy birthday........then my sister said "come im give you your presant"
so we go in to my parents room and i find this poster and im like "woooooooo i got a poster finally my first real poster doesnt matter if its small i got a poster" and i told my sister "thank you i love you" i started dancing and chanting "i got a poster i got a poster" i started taking off the pins and shes like "thats not it there is 12 more of thoese and stickers" she went to her room and gave me the whole packet and i was like :O whoa......yes some tears came out but no ugly cry or anything (yet)....
posters (inuyasha and our dallas poster is irrelevent to the presants)
more posters/stickers (i took 3 stickers off already sorry) (again winnie the pooh irrelevent to presants)
more posters (again mario and kpop list @StarBabes gave me irrelevent to presants)
this was basically me with all the posters until my sister asked my dad "should i give her the big real presant or till tomorrow (technaclly the same day but during the day)" and my dad said "welll is her birthday already plus it up to you" and she look at me (i was still chanting and dancing "i got new posters i got new posters" and she left to room and came back and said "here" and handed me a huge presant bag (presant bags- the bag with your presant inside and its design say happy birthday)
so i opened it saw this........yup........A FREAKING BTS JACKET AHHHHH......IM STILL DYING
at that ponit was when the major water works came.....yup....that "thank you i love you your the best sister ever" ugly cry
but thats the end of my presants my sister gave me......
i also got a bts cake with this awesome candle flower that is like a fire work
so yeah i wanted to share this big suprise with you guys.......BEST BIRTHDAY EVER....not gonna lie but what made it even better was all of you guys here in the vingle family wish in me a happy birthday thank you so much <3
here are the rest of the prestans i got from my family and friends (reast was money)
well thats it bye bye thanks again i love you vingle family :D <3
WTF BTS CAKE WHERE WAS I?!?!??!!?!??!?!!?!??
lol I'm so late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‚
Awww that's so great!! Happy Birthday!!! My mom always waits til the VERY LAST MINUTE to get me a present and all year she asks what I want and I say KPOP Merch! And then I get thins bit kpop related because they won't come in time for my birthday by the time she starts thinking about what to get me haha but that's seriously awesome and that jacket is SO perfect!!!
happy birthday!!!!!!!!! sorry if I am late~
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