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Kagome from Inuyasha, this was one of my first real drawings and I thought it was great but I think my drawings have improved within 2 years and I'm happy about that. I still love this drawing though! (The first 2 pics are when I completed it but wasn't happy with her hair, so I colored with marker in the last two photos which is what this drawing looks like now)
Inuyasha himself, he is my #1 husband and always will be! I actually really like this drawing too! These are some of my drawings from 2 years ago, I drew Kagome 1st and then decided to draw Inuyasha after! @AimeeH What do you guys think, and did any of you watch Inuyasha, did you like it. Let me know! @chandnip804 @Kamiamon @poojas @DanRodriguez @caitlind9898 @DianaCastaneda @Meg95 @Edwinb94 @AkiraCondry
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@DanRodriguez ME TOO. Gosh I was so heartbroken by it... I knew it was only one season when I started watching it but I thought it was cancelled or something... NOT THAT
@AkiraCondry Thanks it was my 3rd anime I think, I really can't remember back to middle school days XD! I watched this show so many times and I don't know why I never thought it was long even though it was, I cried when it was over! @chandnip804 Thank you, and if you practice it could come out like these! I watched the dubbed version, and Inuyasha has my favorite dubbed voices. When the final act came and Kagome's voice changed that killed me because it just didn't sound the same and I didn't get the same feelings I got from the original voice. @shannonl5 Thanks! I actually didn't read the manga, I was satisfied enough with the anime. >_<
@biancadanica98 the anime is REALLY close to the manga. I think they only added things (it's been a while so I don't remember for sure) so you're not missing much. It's just cool to see!
@biancadanica98, I see. Practice does make perfect :) Yeah I agree on the voice thing. I didn't like it either. However I just like her character if I don't take the voice into consideration and I also read the manga for the reason of the voice.
@chandnip804 Yea I love her character too!