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This was started by @kpopandkimchi here! So here is my awesome group!
My gurrrlll Amber! She is my bestie and we do everything together! I love her as she is and she does the same for me! We are dorks and proud! <3
Eric and Jackson. You need both or it isn't the same. They bicker like an old couple but with love. They can always make you smile. They are huge dorks and you love them.
My drinking buddy Hongki! He can put me under the table but who cares! He tries my fruity drink and hates it. He rocks at drunken karaoke! Starts flirting with everyone and then acts like a big dork. Then we go sober up at the sauna. He sloppy paints my nails claiming it's artistic but stops me from drunk texting so its all good!
My muscle Daesung! He looks so BA no one messes with us! That is until they see he is also a huge dork like us XD He also has trouble keeping clothes on but we're used to it, be jealous
Lazy buddy! Suga! We well do nothing together! Hang out, sleep, lay around... sleep some more! It's great! Also a lazy dork!
The Foodie! He always has us over for dinner and uses us to try out his creations! Best cook ever! Still a dork XD
The Clique we aspire to be! SHINee >.< Cause goals XD
So if you didn't see the pattern we are the Dork Squad! Wooot! <3 We would be a partttyyyyy!
Jin would be the best eating buddy hahahahhaha
@kpopandkimchi I agree XD