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I CANNOT STRESS HOW MUCH FANDOM WARS ARE LAME AND POINTLESS!!! I get it if you're defending your artist, but honestly guys chill. Every artist has a huge fucking fan base and have won tons of awards. They are all known for being famous for something. The reason why I'm pointing this out is because there is a kpop vs One Direction war. The hashtag is called #directionersfuneral I may not listen to One Direction, but both kpop fans and 1D fans are the same. Please just enjoy the music, and don't bash another fucking artist just because it isn't your taste. MUSIC IS UNIVERSAL PEOPLE!!!
Amen sister. I don't listen to 1d either but I would NEVER say anything bad about someone else listening to them. I'm the only one out of my friends that listens to Korean music but that doesn't mean I go around telling them that their music sucks or they suck because they don't listen to it. To each their own.
@poojas exactly!! We need Love in all fandoms! :)
Why can't we all just love the music that we love and not try to compare it to other music? I'm totally with you on the no-fanwars vent!
SOME (Remember that peeps just in case you're gonna go all attack on me) fans just want the world to listen to their artist and want the other artists to crash, its what I see these days.
@hmelodie Thank you for agreeing! :) It's hard for people to understand sometimes!