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My sister hates Korean music and always calls it gay whenever i play it, she just doesn't like it. Well the kpop infection is taking over because I have caught her singing/humming just one day and bang bang bang all the time , shes thinks I dont notice but I know and today I showed her exo videos and she actually for once in her life like some of them , Kris, Tao, kai and sehun (I told her to back off him and chanyeol lol) but im just so proud she even watches roomate with me and likes it.She still hates Gd though do were working on that
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@Tilinque when I first liked bigbang who I found through taeyang gd wasn't my #1 bias either I didn't hate him but he wasn't high up on my list but that only lasted maybe like two mvs and the episode of running man for me and that was it I love gd lol and yeah I think she secretly likes him and just hates on him to hide it
GD an Top are probably my two favorites.
I've like GD since I saw him with his puppy on Big Bang TV
@DenieceSuit me too! those are my top two bias in the group
That's with my sister too. Only she calls them Ying Yang people