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@XergaB20 Have some Xero. This post is for you! On the 7th picture he's saying 'Where are you? I can't see you!' So you need to go find him.... NOW!!!
Aaaand here's some sweet ass Suga! We share him! He needs you!!!
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@XergaB20 good I made it at like 1am
@beckiboop1996 At 1? Wow! Thank you!! 馃槀馃槀
@XergaB20 yeah I couldn't sleep and thought of your comment on Xero being your topp dogg bias and Suga as your bts bias. that could also be the reason I put the B-joo picture in randomly
@beckiboop1996 It's very accurate. He is and forever will be my Topp Dogg bias wrecker. :-D
@XergaB20 Haha he will forever be my bias wrecker too