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Anything with aliens in it!! Are you someone who dreams about the movies you watch? No? Well, I am. When I was just a little girl, I used to love watching scary movies (I still do), but for some strange reason I found that I only had bad dreams about the ones with aliens. Ghosts didn't do it, poltergeists didn't do it, demon possessions didn't do it, and there were some scary ones back in the day! I somehow grew out of it though, but I'm very selective about which alien movies I watch.
(Sorry, I don't know how to do the gif stuff and all them creative thingies.) @danidee @buddyesd and others
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@marshalledgar me and @TerrecaRiley have aliens @danidee has gremlins @shannonl5 has zombies @DanRodriguez has nightmare on elm street. it's just whatever movie or sho or book scared you as a kid
Yeah, it was Freddy and the Regan the possessed girl from Exorcist for me. 👹
@buddyesd cuddle?? that is IF I can get him to watch it. I asked him since evening to watch Mars Attack with me and he said no. I know he's thinking "foolishness"
@buddyesd My second place would probably be Chuckie lol
@danidee Chuckie wasn't so bad. he only killed people. Wait...! That was bad...lol