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Oops, did I say that? Yeah, I did.

No shame in my game. He may have been a television character, but Steve Urkel made my heart sink into my stomach. From the way he wore his suspenders to the way he snorted when he laughed -- he made me smile.
From a young age, I was that girl who wore the huge bifocals and had the goofy laugh. Growing up watching Family Matters, I associated with Steve Urkel on a more personal level and I understood him. In turn, it turned out to be infatuation.
The idea of someone who was pretty nerdy having the ability to turn into someone extremely handsome [like his alter ego Stefan] -- made me pretty optimistic about life's possibilities. I just knew that if he could transform into a good looking man, than someday I would also have the ability tot transform as well.
I loved the fact that although he could change his appearance, deep down he still knew who he was at the end of the day. He made mistakes and he lived up to them, I appreciated that.
Steve wasn't your typical guy. Most girls wouldn't go for him [for example: Laura Winslow] and that's why I liked him. Despite his looks [what most girls were focusing on] he had the charm, the respect and the heart of the ideal man.
I loved that about him and even though he was just a fictional character -- those things made me fall for him even more.
Yes, I was that girl who didn't go for your average guy. Looks are important, but at the end of the day what's on the inside matters most. With Steve Urkel, you got the best of both worlds [Steve and Stefan].

Who would pass that up? Not I. Embarrassing? Maybe for most people, but for me, Steve was dreamy.

I finally got around to created my embarrassing celebrity crush, although he's fictional -- we are all familiar. @danidee @TessStevens
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I definitely can associate with you as far as being treated like Urkle. I never really watched Psych. May have to check it out @TerrecaRiley
@jordanhamilton I think he guest stared in one episode where him and dulal hills characters were in a boy band in there youth and one of their friends is killed. I liked that episode :)
@jordanhamilton psych is very @buddyesd yes. I think he appeared in another episode that was a sequel to the one you mentioned. oh, and it was an acapella group... have me shivers!!! woooy!
definitely going to have to find that episode and check it out @buddyesd @TerrecaRiley
@jordanhamilton ok here... jus watch the whole thing mayn