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My sister just sent me this photo and it's so true!
When we have long hair we complain so much about the hair getting stuck in everything and how damaged the ends are. When we finally chop off the long hair for a low maintenance short hair, we complain about the haircut being odd.
Sounds like an endless cycle, huh?
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@dianacastaneda story of our lives
OMG yes, I cut my long hair last summer into a bob due to it being so damaged, and although it was cute, it started to grow out weird and had to cut it again! I cant wait for it to grow long again 馃槬
Thankfully when I cut off all of my hair, it didn't look bad! However there are some spots where it curls weirdly or sticks out so I have to straighten it or apply some type of product so it stays completely down.
@aliciasalinas I know exactly what you mean. Been there. Done that. It's also super tricky to style short hair in the morning because most of the time I'll wake up with awkward crimps. Of course, it depends what kind of short hair you have and hair texture. My hair conforms easily and I'm a horrible sleeper (I roll around too much).
@HairConfetti we must try to sleep still with short hair. I'm going through that thing too with the hair looking like a mess in the morning. I'm trying for a permanent hair style so as to avoid having to comb it every morning,but that's not going to work!