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I hope its not rude but I borrowed the pic past around for kpop booty appreciation day lol. I was inspired by @kpopandkimchi and @AimeeH to make this card that praises some of the lovely male booties of kpop...... (wow I just heard myself and I am a weirdo, my apologies xD)

Well here we go~

Minho from Shinee-

That beautiful butt can put someone into a trance xD

Lee Hong Ki from Ft Island-

Even though he needed butt surgery it was impossible to tell that something was wrong with it ♡♡♡

Lee Joon (formerly 😢) from MBLAQ-

I miss this booty being on stage, but at least I get to see it on screen in dramas xD

Kim Hyun Joong from SS501-

Even though he is going through some stuff we need to give him his props for that banging booty xD

Mir from MBLAQ-

He has the cutest booty and in that last gif it just shows that he knows he got the booty, and others know as well xD

J-Hope from BTS-

He loves to flaunt his butt, and who would u be to deny it's glory xD


Look at his booty......LOOK AT IT......enough said ♡♡♡♡

Sungmin from Super Junior-

The beauty.....of his booty....it's OVERWHELMING XD

Takuya Terada from Cross Gene-

This beautiful Japanese man has alot going on in that trunk ♡♡♡

Key from Shinee-

Two Shinee members in one booty post!?!?! whatever exercises they are doing they need to share their secrets to other boy groups xD

G Dragon from BigBang-

His butt is so cute it's undeniable EVEN DRESSED AS A LADY and in the last gif he is trying to learn more butt techniques from T.O.P XD. T.O.P's beautiful booty has already been mentioned in another card, but I just wanted to add one more gif of that bootylicious booty ♡♡♡♡♡.

And I will leave off with Jackson's (from GOT7) exposed booty xD

HAPPY KPOP BOOTY APPRECIATION DAY TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT~♡ *I do not own these beautiful pics and gifs*
"bow to the booty day" OMG HAHAHAHA also you picked such good pictures hahahaha
love this soo many bootys but the best have to be jhope and his flawless booty and my wonderful gd's perfect little booty
Big butt Joong deserves major props!
AHHHHHH. (゚ロ゚) !
mmm mmm rain got that butt
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